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Let WebWolf make your website!

WebWolf's Websites are: beautiful speedy well - structured innovative compatible easy to find

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Wow! Yes, the first impression counts, especially because the next website is just a click away. My web design will be modern and attractive, so that the visitor will be encouraged to click around. Think aesthetic and harmonious. You set the mood for your website.

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Well! Everyone wants to navigate quickly on a website. Consumers have become very demanding these days. That’s why my websites are uncomplicated and logically-structured by means of a user friendly navigation menu, so that the users can quickly find what they are looking for and stay a while.


No worries…You needn’t be creative to have an innovative website. I will do it for you. There is this rule in web design: first functionality, then form, but thanks to today’s advanced technology, combined with the right amount of innovation, there are almost no limits to graphic design.

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Are you also annoyed when a website despite of your fast internet connection take forever to load? Well, these websites here guarantee a fast loading time, as they are analyzed, checked and optimized several times to meet the requirements. 


Mobile devices are increasingly used for surfing the Internet. That’s why websites need to be visually enticing and compatible on all devices, from a desktop to laptop, tablet or cell phone. The so-called responsive design, which I use on all my sites, ensure that a website adapts to any screen resolution.

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What sense does the most beautiful website make, if nobody can find it? A site should be built in such a way, that search engines like Google, Yahoo and the like, can rank it accordingly. In other words, when you search on a search engine, you will see the right websites listed for you! Fortunately, there is search engine optimization technology (SEO).

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