The Process

From the Idea to Reality - The Making of Your Website









The Briefing

After you have contacted me, I will make an appointment with you for the first meeting, the briefing. You tell me your wishes, needs and ideas and I will get an overview of the scope and the size of the project and the requirements. This conversation is of course free of charge.

erstgespräch, briefing
mein angebot

The Offer

I will make you an offer based on the size, content and structure of the project. The service to be provided will be written down in detail and attached with a price. If you are satisfied with my offer, I will start working on a concept right away.

The Framework

In the concept phase, the goals the website should pursue, who the target group is, which content should be included and who delivers it, is determined. Additionally other features like the amount of sub-pages  and how they are structured, are considered. I design a plan, a rough sketch of the website and create a so-called wireframe.


The Design

Based on the conceptual framework, I will create a screen design for you, that is an illustration in the form of an image, where you can see what your website could look like. One or more processing rounds may follow if you still have change requests.

The Conversion

Once you have approved a screen design, the conversion begins. A website has to be created out of an image, namely the screen design. This is done mostly with HTML and CSS, whereby the image is converted into the web languages the browsers can read. I often design websites with a so-called content management system (CMS), with which the content of more extensive websites can be maintained more easily and you as a customer can easily change content yourself later.
Extensive, regular testing with different browsers, operating systems and several devices ensure that the website is visually pleasing and user friendly.
Then, aspects like search engine optimization and accessibility have to be considered and at the end you are able to thoroughly test the website yourself. Upon your approval, the page can “go live” to be available online.

wartung und betreuung einer webseite
online stellung

The Launch

The website is ready and will be made available online so that users can come and find it at a specific, carefully selected internet address. The website is uploaded to an external server which launches it online. It is important to consider which web hosting provider and which domain should be selected.

Online Marketing

The most beautiful website is of no use if it is not frequented. At the latest when the website is online, marketing should begin. Social media, email marketing and Google advertising are just a few of the many possibilities to make the website known to potential customers. Let’s work together to optimize your website’s marketing strategies.

online marketing
technik einer webseite

Maintenance & Support

Technically the project should be declared as finished upon publishing, but the work on a website is never really finished. In other words, it should always be improved and optimized. There are always some changes pending, like new subpages, new posts or new content. We will discuss whether you need monthly maintenance, just sporadic support or even want to maintain the website by yourself.

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