Graphic Design

Logos – flyers – brochures – business cards – illustrations – eBooks – presentations. All from one source!

My work as a graphic designer is diverse, creative, imaginative and all-encompassing. I use the latest technology and software. The Ipad Pro as an interface for the Mac opens up new, almost limitless possibilities for working with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. I design everything you need for your layout, of course, matching the identifying features of your company.


A logo is the graphic representation of your own brand. The logo, symbols, image and colors used can help people perceive your business as an important landmark when making a choice. My logos are creative, inventive, functional and suit the subject of your business.

Flyers & Brochures

Despite of online taking over, print continues to be at the forefront of marketing activities. Flyers and Brochures are cheap to produce, easy to distribute and contain many informations on a small space. I create flyers and brochures that stand out visualy and atract potential clients.

pliante design grafic
flyer grafikdesign
brosuri design grafic
flyer graphic design

Business Cards

A business card offers the customer the first impression about your business. It ensures notoriety, makes your brand known and provides the customer with your contact details. When designed right, these pocket billboards can leave a lasting impression and turn simple passers-by into durable customers.

carti de vizita
carti de vizita
business cards graphic design

Illustrations & Covers

Whether illustrations or graphics for a website or for print media, WebWolf can do it all. The saying goes: „A picture is worth a thousand words“ and this has also been proven in marketing studies. If the illustration is well designed, creative and fit for its purpose, it can do more in an instant than any good text.

E - Books

Have you written a book but don’t know how to do the layout and graphically design it? Would you like to add some illustrations or are you looking for a suitable cover? Then you have come to the right place at WebWolf. Whether for the print version or digital, I will design the layout for your book, draw the appropriate illustrations and design a beautiful cover.

My children's book -
"Marcs journey to a another planet"

ebook - grafikdesign

Link to download the book

some illustrations from my book

Link to download the book for free


No other means of communication can move people like a great presentation. In order to create professional, moving company-, product- or event- presentations, I create a functional, aesthetic and style-defining design so that you reach your audience emotionally. With stories, images, videos and charts, I will design your presentation in a factually professional and aesthetically appealing way and strengthen your brand and message through the appearance according to your corporate design.

Cosmetics - Presentation

Take a look at a quick slide show of the presentation in video format including transitions and animations.

3D Printing - Presentation

Take a look at a quick slide show of the presentation in video format including transitions and animations.

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